About Us


Interforce Construction GmbH is a German founded International construction services company that is continuously growing in every market sector of the building industry. Over the years, our company has completed numerous complex projects, supported innovation and the use of new technologies, and made a difference for our clients, partners and society.

With over 230 workers, we are able to complete around 4-5 projects yearly. Interforce Construction GmbH offers clients the availability and support of a local business, together with the stability and the resources of an international enterprise.



  • Individual, client-specific tailor-made solutions
  • Creative planning and traditional workmanship of the best quality
  • Competence and skill in every area of construction
  • Professional, flexible and needs-oriented counsel
  • Transparency in every procedural aspect
  • Delivery of the construction works through our own professional workforce and through close connections with our reliable sub-contractors (Roof, Electrical, Heating, Sanitary installations, Plaster and Dry-wall construction)



The competence and skill of our workforce was developed over long years of experience on-site and they take pride personally over the quality of the services provided.

  • Self-reliable teams of 3-4 people
  • Foreman as discussion partner and coordinator on site
  • Project-dependent team deployment
  • Clean services through the use of modern technologies
  • High approval and cooperation with our site management

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